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Diploma Course In Polished Diamond Valuation(DCPDV)

Course Duration


Days Batch (By Hours)
190 days 1:30 hours per day
109 days 3.00 hours per day
90 days 5:00 hours per day
60 days 10.00 hours per day


Commencement Date:

The Diploma Course in Polished Diamond Valuation (DCPDV) Courses will be run as follows:


Diploma course in Polished Diamond Valuation  (DCPDV)
Regular batches Short term Status Course Fees
5th, 12th, 20th, 28th 10th, 20th, 30th Admissions are opened every month Rs. 63000/-


Course Outline:

Student will learn:


  • 900 to 900000 per carat diamond valuation
  • 7 different valuation Method knowledge
  • How to see diamond?
  • Basic knowledge of Diamond
  • Local & International Defect Knowledge
  • Cut Grading
  • White Diamond Assortment with 12 No of International & Local Market
  • L.B/L.C Clarity Grading 7 Nos
  • L.B/L.C Colour Grading - 6 Nos
  • Rejection & Selection
  • C.B.N
  • Knowledge of 4'C
  • International Colour & Purity
  • Clarity Grading (White,L.B,L.C,Natts)
  • Colour Grading (White,L.B,L.C,Natts)
  • Grouping ,Semi,& Full Assortment
  • Valuation (White,L.B/L.C, Natts,Pointers, & Solitaires)
  • International Purity Knowledge
  • D,E,F colour Grading (as Per International Grading system)
  • International Purity Knowledge
  • Rapaport  Valuation
  • Rules Regulation of  Market as per Sales & Purchase
  • Identification of Real,AD ,& Moissanite Diamonds
  • Advance Technology
  • Market practical Experience


General Course Objectives:

  • To prepare the student to become proficient in every technique involved diamond grading , checking real or fake diamond of polished  diamonds.
  •  To teach the student how to sort and buy polished diamonds.
  • To educate the student how to identify color and purity in polished diamond.
  • To prepare the student how to purchase polished diamond and how to do business.
  • To pricing diamond value with Rapa port.

Course Fee:

Total Fees: Rs.63,000/- 

security fees: 5,000/- Security fees has been refundable as per term & condition

For more information please visit us at our office .To ensure personal attention, each course is limited to a maximum of 12 to 15 students as per faculty.


There will be a practical and theorical exam on completion of this course, and the student will receive a certificate stating that they have successfully completed the Rough Diamond Planning and Marking Course at Arihant Diamond Institute.

Applications form must be filling up before commencement date with registration fees and 2 Photos, Identity proof, Residential proof.

All equipment for use during the course will be provided by ADI- Arihant Diamond Institute.

Accommodation and Transportation:
Students must arrange their own transport and accommodation. We can suggest you the accommodation as pain guest in surrounding area. If you will comfortable in that area then you have to contact personally in suggested accommodation.  

The course is presented in English or Hindi or Gujarati Students must be able to understand and converse in these languages.

Although these prices are current, Arihant Diamond Institutive reserves the rights to change prices without prior notice